TOKYOアニメツーリズム2023 デジタルスタンプラリー 呪術廻戦

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TOKYOアニメツーリズム2023 デジタルスタンプラリー 呪術廻戦

tied up with 「呪術廻戦」 We hold digital stamp rally!
Period 2023 1/14【SAT】 → 3/5【SUN】 Target spot 15 locations in Tokyo
The event ended on March 5, 2023. Thank you very much.


Held a kick-off event where you can enjoy app announcements and talks!

date and time
Saturday, January 14, 2023 13:00-14:00
Shibuya Stream Hall (3-21-3 Shibuya, Shibuya-ku)
  • voice actor
    Junya Enoki
    (as Yuji Itadori)
  • Sakurazaka46
    Rina Matsuda
  • comedian
    Tetsuya Yanagiharabr
    Yoshiyuki Hirai
Recruitment number
100 people (if there are many
applicants, a lottery will be held)
Application period
Monday, December 5, 2020 - Friday,
December 23, 17:00

A digital stamp rally will be held based on the world view of the TV anime 'Jujutsu Kaisen'!

The annual exchange meeting between the Tokyo school and the Kyoto school of Magic College,
Although an irregular incident occurred on the way, it ended successfully.
Today is my day off.
After the exchange meeting, each member spent their time in various places in Tokyo,
Reports about the disturbing movements of the cursed spirits are coming in one after another.
This case is a matter of top secret, and it was decided to ask the sorcerer to handle it individually.

As an assistant director, your mission is to deliver instructions directly to each member.
Be careful when encountering cursed spirits.

with AR characters You can take pictures!

You can get AR characters by visiting spots in Tokyo!
Take a picture with your favorite character!

with a story Stamp Rally

As an assistant director, deliver top-secret
orders to sorcerers who are enjoying vacations
in various parts of Tokyo and get points!

Not available for some models.
App recommended environment and usage>

original goods get

Get original goods with the collected points!
At the stamp spot, you can also take pictures
with the characters you meet!


  • step1 dedicated app download

    Download the dedicated app "TOKYO Anime Tourism 2023" from the App Store or Google Play!
    App recommended environment and usage> 

  • step2 Earn points by  visiting spots

    Get points by visiting sightseeing spots in Tokyo!

  • step3 At the goods pick-up location get original goods

    Once you have accumulated points, go to "Tokyo Anime Center in DNP PLAZA SHIBUYA" and get original goods according to the points.

SPECIAL EVENT1 Let's drop the Curtain in Hibiya Park!

A report has arrived that three powerful cursed spirits have been discovered in Hibiya Park.
The assistant director should rush to the scene and unload the Curtain.
The Curtain will be available from noon on February 11th.
In addition, it is very dangerous, so do not irritate even if you encounter a cursed spirit!
"Come out of the darkness, blacker than the darkness, purify that impurity"

In order to "unload the Curtain", it is necessary to update the application. In addition, when updating the application, it is necessary to shut down the application once.

SPECIAL EVENT2 The ’King of Curses' Appears at the Tokyo Metropolitan Government!?

You can listen to the original voice only for this event!
The original voice can be downloaded from noon on February 11th.
Moreover, new voices will be added at noon on February 20th and at noon on February 27th!
However, approaching as an assistant director is inherently dangerous.
Please be careful not to spoil your mood!

In order to listen to newly added voices, it is necessary to update the application respectively. Please shut down the app once when updating the app.


1POINT Acquisition spot

▶︎ Akihabara Electric Town
▶︎ Okubo Street
▶︎ Hareza Ikebukuro
▶︎ Ueno Onshi Park
▶︎ Touken Museum
▶︎ Toyosu Market
▶︎ Yumenoshima Park Archery Field
▶︎ Kinuta Mitsumine Shrine
▶︎ Tokyo Anime Center in DNP PLAZA SHIBUYA

2POINTS Acquisition spot

▶︎ Mitsui Outlet Park Tama Minami Osawa
▶︎ Hachiman Yakumo Shrine
▶︎ Inokara Onshi Park
▶︎ Former Chofu Air Base Athletic Square
▶︎ Tonogayato Garden (entrance)
▶︎ Fussa base side street

  • Street parking around each spot is prohibited. Please refrain from any behavior that may cause inconvenience to the neighbors.
  • The order of visiting the spots is free. If it is during the event period, it is valid even if it is not collected in one day.
  • Please pay attention to the closed days and business hours of the facilities when you go out. (Stamps can be obtained even if the facility is closed or outside business hours)



Prize A
(drawstring bag)


Prize B
(Large stand tin badge)


Prize C
(clear file)

  • Wipe off with a soft, damp cloth if it gets dirty.
Original goods pick-up location
Tokyo Anime Center in DNP PLAZA SHIBUYA
Address: Shibuya Modi 2F, 1-21-3 Jinnan, Shibuya-ku
Reception period:From Saturday, January 14, 2023 to Sunday, March 5
11:00 - 20:00 (Excluding closed days due to facility inspection days, etc.)
  • During the period from January 14, 2023 to March 5, 2023, you can receive it by presenting and processing the redemption screen displayed according to the accumulated points earned by the staff of Tokyo Anime Center in DNP PLAZA SHIBUYA. increase.
  • Once earned points are accumulated and not consumed even after receiving the original goods.
  • Up to 3 types of original goods can be exchanged, but only 1 of each type per device.
  • Please be sure to follow the staff's instructions when handing over the original goods.


  • Download from App Store
  • Download from Google Play

App recommended environment and usage >

Google Play and the Google Play logo are trademarks of Google LLC.
Apple and the Apple logo are trademarks of Apple Inc., registered in the US and other countries. App Store is a service mark of Apple Inc.


For inquiries about this application, please contact the application development company from here.
You will be redirected to the page of the application development company (Hyoda Printing Co., Ltd.).

Please refrain from inquiring about points earning spots.


〈 Guidelines for fun and safe play 〉

“TOKYO Anime Tourism 2023” (hereinafter referred to as “this app”) is a stamp rally that uses a smartphone app that works in conjunction with the real world and allows users to actually walk and explore various places while playing.

We kindly ask for your cooperation in following the guidelines below so that all users can enjoy playing the game safely and obeying the rules.

⑴ Observe public rules
When playing outdoors, follow traffic rules and other public rules.
Do not enter private property, buildings, or other areas where you are not allowed to enter without permission.

⑵ Don't forget your manners in public places
In public places such as parks and public facilities, and places where many people gather, please be considerate of the surrounding environment and the people around you. Please do not disturb the people around you or the local residents by making loud noises or making noise while playing.

⑶ Let's check safety thoroughly
When playing this application, please carefully check the weather and surrounding conditions.
When operating a smartphone, check the safety of your surroundings and then stop and operate.
Please check the location of the spot in advance and operate the smartphone after approaching.

⑷ Pay attention to your surroundings, respect other users, and have fun
Never use your smartphone while walking or driving a car or bicycle. If you focus on the screen, you may not be able to pay attention to your surroundings, resulting in an unexpected injury or inconvenience to the people around you.
Please respect the privacy of others. In particular, do not take photos or videos of people around you without their permission.
In this app, you will not be asked to enter your personal information (real name, etc.), but if you reveal your personal information, such as exchanging personal information outside this app or posting it on the internet, it may cause trouble. Please be careful not to
For infants and children (under the age of 13), it is necessary to create an account with parental consent at the time of first use so that they can use it in a safe environment under parental supervision.

⑸ Usage fee
This application is free to use, but the communication fee incurred when using it will be borne by the player.

⑹ Recommended environment and usage of the app
* Communication charges incurred when using the app will be borne by the participants. [iOS]
In principle, the supported OS is iOS 15 or later. The AR camera function can be used on iPhone 11 or later terminals.
*May not work on some devices
The supported OS is basically Android 12 or later. The AR camera function is available on some android devices.
*May not work on some devices

⑺ Various inquiries
If you have any questions about your device, such as basic smartphone operations or how to download apps, please contact your carrier.

If you cannot solve the problem with this application, please contact us at the following.

Hyoda Printing Crafts Co., Ltd.
Contact Us
*Replies will be made between 10:00 and 17:00 on weekdays, excluding weekends and holidays.

Please follow the above rules and enjoy safely.
Thank you for your cooperation.